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Light Kerosene

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  • MaterialCrude oil
  • Weight100000000 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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LAMP KEROSENE KO-25// MADE IN RUSSIA EXPORT                                           
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: GOST 4753-68 & 11128-65.  

We are into joint sales and production agreement with the refinery. We are major independent marketers in global market, we will provide all market services, logistic, product certification. We observe regulations and standards of International Chamber Of Commerce; and acknowledge right of subsidiaries and associates.

Trading term: FOB/CIF                                                                                                                                
Payment term: MT103 & LC                                                                                                      
Min qty: 10 000 Metric ton / Max qty 100 000 metric ton per month                                                                         
POP: SGS, Product passport, DIP TEST RESULT, ATS, ATL, etc

Good, suitable kerosene. As the name implies — lighting kerosene is used for filling kerosene lamps. Some times as a fuel or solvent.  Lighting Kerosene KO-25 is produced by direct distillation of crude oil. The distillate obtained during distillation of sulfur crude oil is subjected to hydro refining. In the composition of kerosene KO 25 are aromatic hydrocarbons, can influence the intensity of luminescence of the flame. Kerosene KO 25 is heavier than gasoline; the lighter than diesel fuel, water.


Kerosene KO-25 is one of the most non-aggressive, mild domestic solvent with a low flash point. The boiling temperature 110-320 degree. KO 25 more limiting aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic low in comparison with other brands of kerosene ( TC 1; TC 1, white spirit) has a Low flash point /cloud point (temperature of deposition of the crystals of solid hydrocarbons of kerosene provides its working capacity at temperatures below freezing) Low content of sulphur supports environmental human comfort in the use of kerosene FOR lighting.


The most common light material, which traditionally run kerosene glow lamp; Use fuel domestic heating appliances, boilers, machines cutting metal. Model airplanes run by internal combustion engines radio controlled model airplanes. 

In automotive workshops, mechanical workshops washed motors, parts from oil, grease, dirt; remove rust metal surfaces.

STORAGE:  kerosene KO-25 can be stored in any containers: tanks, cubes, barrels.
TRANSPORTATION:  Transportation of kerosene KO-25 by road, rail, water transport. 

We can offer you different kinds of delivery according to Incoterms.                                                    
We can deliver it to your stock in Europe by truck (DDP, DDU)                                                       
We can deliver 20 or 40 feet container with goods to chosen seaport in North and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania (CIF, CFR)Small quantities and samples we can send you by air mail.

Do not hesitate to contact for more information, we trade in very transparent atmosphere, we can complete your purchase online with assistance of our trade consultant. 

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Light Kerosene